Welcome to GuavaBlog · September 16, 2017 · opensource aspnet netcore guavablog aspnetcore

I have decided to create a new blog engine based on ASP.NET Core 2.0 and I think its going to be an interesting and for me and a necessary exercise. Its open source and available on https://github.com/malisancube/guavablog. Why create a blog engine? I'm purposely creating this blog engine for the following reasons. 1) I intend to dogfood this blog engine for my site. I currently need features that I cannot get from Ghost. I »»

Interesting C# 7.x features - 01 · September 15, 2017 · roslyn .net tuple csharp ·

In my previous post I briefly mentioned my interest in .NET Core and new C# features. In this post I'd like to explore some various patterns I found interesting in C# 7 and may go a bit deeper into the details of what the compiler generates. My intent is to make a couple of posts relating to these interesting features and in some cases get into the finer details too. 1. Tuple Introduction In particular on this post I will »»

Speaking at Geeknight at @Outbox · April 13, 2016 · cloud computing geeknight hdinsight azur service fabric

Hey Geeks! I will be speaking at Geeknight Event at Outbox on the 26 April 2016 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. It will be about designing distributed applications. This time we will look into design challenges and considerations you would want to know about before you let your application loose into the wild. Some of the areas we will look at include the following: Designing for scale Dealing with streaming data The reactive manifesto Performance pain points »»

Xamarin Bug on properties page · December 19, 2015 · xamarin bug

I have been using Xamarin for a while and consistently I have come to realise a bug which causes Visual Studio to freeze. This happens when you're loading a solution. In my case, if I make some changes to the properties window of anything which uses Android SDK save, close the solution without closing the properties page the next time I open that solution VS will fail to load it. I have to kill the VS process from the task »»

Avoid getting hacked II - Suspicious Emails · November 12, 2015 · computer security trojans hacking

Problem This morning I received a very interesting email. It urged me to process a purchasing order and had a couple of attachments in it. Most computer users would probably just download the attachments, double-click and proceed to open. This particular one is very interesting in that it managed to escape the anti-virus application and seemed really legitimate. This is an email which you may receive in your company and you simply open it without knowing what it may do. »»

10 wishes I have for Microsoft Azure · July 16, 2015 · azure hdinsight hbase vstudio documentdb entityframework servicebus dss

Update 1 : November 2, 2016 Published: July 16, 2015 Since I published these wishes there has been some updates to Windows Azure, so I decided to update this post. The answers below are from Barry Gervin after he was asked by my friend @sebichondo These are some of the wishes I have for Windows Azure using Visual Studio. I wish I could tick all of them off as available or be found wrong in thinking that they don't exist when »»

Akka - A peek into the parallel cloud · May 4, 2015 · cloud computing akka akka.net project orleans actors

1) Introduction In the past few weeks I decided to enter the distributed parallel computation model that is influenced by Actors and characterized by passing of messages, examining and processing messages. This model maps well to cloud computing as there is no shared state which would cause major concurrency problems. The Actor system came from research work by Carl Hewitt in the 70’s and is quickly gaining popularity recently with many projects coming into the limelight including Microsoft Project »»

Avoid getting hacked - watch out for trojans · March 4, 2015 · computer security trojans hacking

Earlier today, I received a message on Skype on my PC from a friend. Malisa Ncube video: http://24onlineskyvideo.in.ua/video/?n=Malisa%20Ncube :) The message came through a contact on Skype, who I suspect has infected his PC. On clicking the link, one would see a screen like this below. It quite deceptive in that, it pretends to be buffering the video and the play button in the center glows like any common video you can play. It »»