.NET Core Ecosystem - My thoughts · February 17, 2017 · netcore roslyn aspnet .net ·

I have been following the .NET Core development and release for a while and excited to see the direction where it is going. I think this should have been the focus some time back, however its still good time with many lessons learned over the years. Involving the community and opening up the source and accepting contributions was one of the key factors in making .Net Core a great product. Making a .NET Standard was another one, providing an api »»

Distributed Systems Materials from GeekNight · June 8, 2016 · akka.net cloud computing service fabric geeknight azure actors ·

After the Geeknight Event at Outbox on the 26 April 2016, I was unable to update not post new content on my website. I still do not understand the reason, and have had to spin-up a new instance of a Ghost blog and imported my previous content. The slides are shown below Designing distributed systems from Malisa Ncube I know the first slide colors may cause your eyes to tear, but the more important ones are viewable. There were questions »»