Distributed Systems Materials from GeekNight · June 8, 2016 · cloud computing service fabric geeknight azure actors ·

After the Geeknight Event at Outbox on the 26 April 2016, I was unable to update not post new content on my website. I still do not understand the reason, and have had to spin-up a new instance of a Ghost blog and imported my previous content. The slides are shown below Designing distributed systems from Malisa Ncube I know the first slide colors may cause your eyes to tear, but the more important ones are viewable. There were questions »»

10 wishes I have for Microsoft Azure · July 16, 2015 · azure hdinsight hbase vstudio documentdb entityframework servicebus dss

Update 1 : November 2, 2016 Published: July 16, 2015 Since I published these wishes there has been some updates to Windows Azure, so I decided to update this post. The answers below are from Barry Gervin after he was asked by my friend @sebichondo These are some of the wishes I have for Windows Azure using Visual Studio. I wish I could tick all of them off as available or be found wrong in thinking that they don't exist when »»

OpenSource Azure with TFS online · July 22, 2014 · azure tfsonline opensource

As you may know; Azure is an open platform enabling deployments from many programming languages including PHP, NodeJS and various operating systems. MY WISHES There is a scenario which I have been trying to experiment with. This is enabling Visual Studio Online for non-TFS projects. This would enable me to throw a PHP project without Source Control Explorer or Visual Studio onto the repository and have somehow the deployment automagically get pushed to my linked Azure site. The ALM powers »»

June GeekNight - Reflection and slides · July 8, 2014 · cloud computing azure event geeknight

The following are the slides from the Geeknight event we had at ThoughtWorks on 22 June. I should say I was very excited to meet such a vibrant audience that asked many challenging questions. The content was packed and it was hard to keep the talk to an hour. Its clear to me that we are a community which is not only vibrant but hungry for technical knowledge. You may view or download the slides from slideshare below. Cloud computing »»

Speaking at Geek Night Kampala · June 23, 2014 · cloud computing azure event geeknight

I will be speaking tonight 24 June 2014, time 05:30PM at the GeekNight Event which will be held at Thoughtworks Kampala, see location information here. I will talk about cloud computing approaches and things that you'd need to keep in mind when you are developing applications that can be considered native on the cloud. I don't intend to talk about the "how-to's" this time but to answer the question, "Why and When?". I will obviously use examples from Microsoft »»