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Avoid getting hacked II - Suspicious Emails · November 12, 2015 · computer security trojans hacking

Problem This morning I received a very interesting email. It urged me to process a purchasing order and had a couple of attachments in it. Most computer users would probably just download the attachments, double-click and proceed to open. This particular one is very interesting in that it managed to escape the anti-virus application and seemed really legitimate. This is an email which you may receive in your company and you simply open it without knowing what it may do. »»

Avoid getting hacked - watch out for trojans · March 4, 2015 · computer security trojans hacking

Earlier today, I received a message on Skype on my PC from a friend. Malisa Ncube video: :) The message came through a contact on Skype, who I suspect has infected his PC. On clicking the link, one would see a screen like this below. It quite deceptive in that, it pretends to be buffering the video and the play button in the center glows like any common video you can play. It »»